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“At my first Togetherness workshop I was impressed by the way that Matt held the space for the men attending and guided them through getting grounded and present. I felt safe and supported and more connected with everyone in that space. Subsequently I joined Man Time which helped me to open up and connect more with my masculinity. Matt’s leadership and facilitation skills combined with his compassion and vulnerability allowed me to go deep and explore my personal qualities, strengths, and life challenges as a man along with the other men in the group. It was a shared journey of empowerment and learning that helped me through a challenging time in my life. Thanks Matt, you’re awesome bro!”

Peter Orell


“I attended a couple of Togetherness events co-facilitated by Matt Small. Matt is such a gentle soul, a sensitive male role model I did not have the fortune of knowing earlier in life. As a woman, in Matt’s presence as a facilitator I feel safe, trusting and confident in the process.”

Maria Lambi

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“Matt’s facilitation creates a safe space for men and women to connect with their authentic selves, and come together in safety and love. I’ve been the beneficiary many times of Matt’s gift for bringing out the integrity, strength and love in the masculine providing a space where women know they’ll be respected and honoured as true goddesses they are. This is an important foundation for any Tantric space, and has been a gift for many in the Sydney Tantric Community.”

Simon Wing-Lun

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“I’ve been with Matt’s Man Time group for four years and it was an integral part of my journey to becoming a better man. It helped me find confidence, tap into other men’s wisdom, and learn to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. I’m grateful for Matt’s dedicated leadership of this group, his ideas and passion for helping fellow men grow to be better not only for themselves, but for all of those they touch in their lives.”

Jens Korff


“I have participated in three of Matt’s workshops and enjoyed each one. Matt is someone that is committed to his own practice and this comes across when he facilitates. He is a grounded and experienced facilitator and exudes integrity and wisdom.”

Freya Isobel

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“I met Matt while attending his ‘Togetherness’ Tantra events in Sydney. This introduction to Tantra has awakened a deeper search for my role in past, present and future relationships. Matt had a very refreshing way of facilitating. He balanced the feminine energy in these workshops perfectly. His ability to simultaneously cherish the feminine and unleash the masculine is quite unique. I then decided to check out his men’s group ‘Mantime’ because I wanted more.

Since doing Matt’s ‘Mantime’. I was honored to be asked to take up a leadership facilitator position with one of Australia’s leading men’s suicide prevention charities. I strongly believe this was because of the things I learnt at ‘Mantime’ and how Matt holds space for all kinds of men.

I’d personally recommend Matt to any man ready to know himself fully and bravely. I’d also recommend Matt to any woman who wants to entice her man to one of his events. Matt does this “thing” which I haven’t seen anywhere else…he can make men feel comfortable, vulnerable and courageous all at the same time.

My favourite thing about Matt, is the fact that he never imposes his own ideas of masculinity or femininity onto anyone. He is the perfect anti-guru.

Matt’s wisdom has helped me be a better man, leader and dad.”

Philip C.

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