Tantric Energy Healing


  • Heal sexual trauma, abuse, blocks and body issues.
  • Heal unhealthy relating.
  • Heal issues with trust and boundaries.
  • Heal and break free from limiting beliefs, habits and addictions.
  • Be fully in your body.
  • Access self love.
  • Balance the chakras and feel free, open and energised.
  • Balance both masculine and feminine polarities.
  • Unblock situations in your life and find the gift.
  • Release contractions and tension in your body.
  • Emotional healing and release. (anger, sadness, shame, fear, rage, grief etc.)
  • Activate the flow of abundance.
  • Heal your heart.
  • Heal relationship trauma, issues and betrayals.
  • Find the gift in your trauma and painful experiences.

Tantric energy healing sessions may consist of a combination of Seichim, Reiki, Tantric and Intuitive Bodywork depending on the requirements of each individual session. The sessions are available for both Men and Women. These sessions are fully clothed and it is recommended that you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

During each session you will be held, guided, encouraged and supported with pure acceptance and love. At the core of each session you are the one doing your inner work and Matt is there to offer his many gifts in full support of your inner transformation, healing and intention. May you live in the fullest expression of your embodied self and give your gifts to the world.

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