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Matt Small is currently in training with Daniel Sowelu in Therapeutic Experiential Astrology and will complete in May 2019. Matt has chosen to call this process Tantric Astrology due to the use of the archetypes of the Tantric Gods and Goddesses in the astrological wheel. The cost of a 1 hour session will be $90.00 up until May 2019 when it will change to $180.00 per 1 hour session.

  • Heal and clear unconscious patterning from the body and psyche
  • Access true healing within oneself
  • Access your true self and essence
  • Heal all types of trauma and fear response
  • Heal, cleanse and integrate your masculine and feminine polarities becoming whole
  • Heal unconscious relating
  • Heal and clear distorted parts of self
  • Break free from limiting beliefs
  • Break down and heal egoic structures
  • Find healing in any life situation
  • Break free from any blocks within yourself and life
  • Heal all types of distorted social conditioning

Each session will start with a short discussion to establish clearly what it is you are here to work on within yourself. You will then be asked to go into the astrological medicine wheel, where you will be guided to locate within the wheel what you are working on corresponding to your astrological natal chart. The astrological medicine wheel is made up of the 12 signs of the zodiac laid out on the floor to give a tangible reference to all aspects of the self and psyche found in the body.

Matt will guide you through your inner process of healing drawing on his many gifts gathered over the years from Experiential astrology, Tantra facilitation, Men’s group facilitation, Kundalini yoga teaching, Healing sessions, Coaching, Vision Quest Protector training and his own journey of inner healing and discovery. This work has been around for 5000 years which gives it a potency due to its long history. In Tantric Astrology we are working with archetypes found within the zodiac giving powerful possibilities for healing and transformation to be experienced.

During the session you are the one doing your inner work and Matt is there to guide you and hold a safe container to enable your inner transformation, healing and growth.

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