Men’s Sexual Empowerment Coaching


  • Access your sexual power, confidence and virility.
  • Learn how to control your ejaculation, last longer and be at choice.
  • Heal premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • Enjoy sex that will deeply satisfy both you and your Beloved.
  • Learn how to become multi-orgasmic.
  • Learn how to cultivate your sexual energy for health, power, potency, creativity and increased energy levels.
  • Learn how to awaken your lingam/penis into full consciousness accessing its power, magic, pleasure and healing abilities.
  • Be the master of your sexual energy.
  • Learn how to connect your sexual energy with your heart and experience deep loving connection which will drive your woman wild.
  • Learn how to energetically and lovingly fuck your woman to the core.
  • Awaken sensitivity and awareness in your touch.
  • Learn how to build intimacy and communicate with your partner.

The sessions will be tailored exactly to your specific requirements. Each session is a combination of coaching, demonstration and learning of each practice for your continued daily home practice. Remember that your commitment to a daily practice is what brings the results you are looking for. The sessions are fully clothed and can be done either in person or via skype or zoom.

Matt has been on this journey since 2009, he has made all the mistakes and has the embodied knowledge, wisdom and experience to help, support and guide you through any challenge. By the end of the sessions you will have learnt all the skills required for your own unique sexual mastery and freedom to awaken within you.

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