Lingam Awakening™

  • Awaken the unique powers hidden within your lingam
  • Become deeply grounded within yourself
  • Break free from limiting beliefs around your lingam
  • Activate the pillar of consciousness within your lingam
  • Feel the happiness that wakes up inside yourself and your lingam
  • Deep embodiment within your essence
  • Awaken the sensitivity, wisdom and intelligence within your lingam
  • Last longer in bed
  • Heal erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Learn how to make love energetically
  • Deeply satisfy yourself and your beloved
  • Learn how to lovingly and energetically fuck your woman to the core
  • Activate the heart lingam connection
  • Form a loving relationship with your lingam
  • Access your sexual power and confidence

There is a deep sense of power, confidence and presence that awakens in a man who anchors consciousness within his lingam. Lingam awakening is a 6 week journey for men to access the wisdom, magic and power hidden within their lingam.

During this journey you will have the opportunity to heal any numbness, unconsciousness and desensitisation caused through self-abuse, unconscious habits, insecurities, distorted social dynamics, sexual abuse, unconscious sex, porn and anything else causing unconsciousness in your Lingam.

This series is inspired by my lingam and the profound experiences that continue to happen as my awareness within my lingam continues to grow, deepen and expand. The sessions will consist of deep enquiry, meditation, practices and processes designed to shift the unconscious programming within your body and energetic system.

Some processes have been inspired by one of my teachers Daniel Sowelu and his work with experiential astrology whilst other practices and processes have been continually practiced and developed by myself, Matt Small, since 2014.

A man who can trust the wisdom and intelligence within his lingam, will know that when making love the lingam knows exactly when to be in pure stillness and exactly when and how to move inside his beloved’s yoni to absolute perfection.

When the power within your lingam is fully owned anchored and filled with your love and consciousness, you will know, feel and access your true sexual power, desire and potential.

Next Course Lingam_Activation_A_Day_of_Activation_Sydney


One Day of Activation, 23rd February 2019, at the Leela Centre. Lingam_Activation_A_Day_of_Activation_Melbourne


One Day of Activation, 7th April 2019, Ashtanga Yoga Centre, Fitzroy. Lingam_Awakening_Nine_Weeks_Of_Activation_Online


Nine Weeks of Activation, Starts Wednesday 24th July, Online.

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