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Matt Small is a dedicated coach, facilitator and healer based in Sydney Australia.

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In 2009, his heart’s desire awakened within him to have a deep, authentic relationship with woman. He wanted to meet the Goddess in her purest form.

Over the next 9 years, Matt continually challenged and confronted himself through his extensive training, healing and in relationship, which has lead to his own transformation.

Matt is on the life journey to access the central core of his depth and sexual essence with full integrity.

Through continual cultivation, Matt has harnessed the power of his sexual energy, and this has inspired his deep commitment to supporting men on their sexual journey.

He is here to support men and women, to discover, heal, and own their sexual empowerment.

Matt has a vision of women and men relating authentically with passion, love and consciousness.

He offers a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom anchored in his own embodiment.

Matt holds a powerful, transformative and lovingly safe container for you to access and harness your primal sexual power and create the life, lovemaking and relationships that you most deeply desire.

Practitioner Experience:

  • Organised and Facilitated Man Time 2012 to 2017 (Fortnightly Men’s Group)
  • Co-Organised and Co-Facilitated Spirit Man Alive 19/5/2016 – 22/5/2016 (Men’s Retreat)
  • Co-Organised and Co-Facilitated Togetherness 2014 – 2017 (Monthly Tantric workshop for singles and couples)
  • Men’s Sexual Empowerment Coach since 2017
  • Tantric Energy Healer since 2017
  • Taught Kundalini Yoga 2009 – 2012


  • Currently in an Experiential and Therapeutic Astrology 18month Training with Daniel Sowelu
  • Love-works Tantra Teacher Training with The Australian School of Tantra – Diane Riley and and Kerry Riley
  • Wheel of Consent Practitioner Training with Matthias Schwenteck and Robyn Dalzen
  • Living Love 12month Training with Cynthia Connop and Ernst Dams (David Deida)
  • Vision Quest Protector Training with Malcolm Ringwalt (Stalking Wolf Lineage)
  • Seichim and Reiki Master Training with Martina Grabner(Levels 1, 2 and 3) (Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage)
  • Unconditional Love Healing Training with Simon Wing-lun and Laura Radford
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Guru DassKhalsa and Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

Relevant Retreats and Workshops Attended:

  • Yoga of Deep Intimacy with Michaela Boehm and Steve James
  • Pleasuring Her and Pleasuring Him Workshop with Tara Fischer (Yoni Massage and Lingam Massage) Attended 4 times and Supported Tara at the event twice.
  • A Committed Daily Tantric Practice by myself and with partners since 2009
  • Wheel of Consent 3 day workshop with Matthias Schwenteck and Robyn Dalzen, Attended twice
  • Living Love 7 day Retreat  with Cynthia Connop and Ernst Dams (David Deida) Attended twice
  • The Yoniverse with Elise Savaresse and Boni Bliss
  • 4 Day Vision Quest with Rain Czupryna and Stephen Mckenzie (Stalking Wolf Tradition)
  • The Path of Love in Byron Bay with Alima Cameron and Samved Dass
  • The Deepening of Love with Alima Cameron
  • 3 Day Kahuna Bodywork Workshop with Ki’a’aHo’okahi Weber
  • Ejaculation Control Program with Eyal Matsliah
  • The Tantric Spiral with Chris Stewart and Mangala Holland
  • Ejaculation Control Coaching Sessions with OzTantra – Graeme Sudholz and Annette Baulch
  • Tantra lessons/Coaching sessions for Men with The Australian School of Tantra
  • Tantra Home Course with The Australian School of Tantra – Kerry Riley and Diane Riley
  • 111111 Kundalini Yoga Festival in Rishikesh 2011
  • Energy and Bodywork with Guru Aftab Khalsa3 day workshop
  • Coming Together with Nityama2 day workshop

Continual Healing Sessions over years consisting of:

  • Egyptian Emotional Clearing
  • Reiki/Seichim Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Kahuna Bodywork
  • Trauma Release Bodywork
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Holographic Kinetics
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Family Constellations
  • Rebirthing
  • Self Clearing
  • Breathwork
  • Shamanic Journeys
  • Kundalini Meditation
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Tantric Energy and Bodywork
  • Nitvana Bodywork
  • Lingam Massage
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Supervision/Coaching/Mentoring in Men’s work
  • Kundalini Dance
  • 5 Rythms Dance

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