Couples Tantra Coaching


  • Put that spark back in your relationship.
  • Have a fulfilling sex life.
  • Experience deeper connection.
  • Learn the ancient art of Tantric Lovemaking.
  • Keep that fire burning in your relationship and the bedroom
  • Fall in love all over again.
  • Experience more pleasure, more love, and more connection.
  • Have more sex in your relationship.
  • Become closer and more intimate with each other.
  • Learn the art of conscious loving touch.
  • Balance differences in libido and sexual energy.
  • Learn the art of ritual and sacred space.
  • Have profound and extraordinary sexual experiences.
  • Have more orgasms.
  • Experience sacred union.
  • Make love for hours exploring all the sensations, the emotions, the valleys, the peaks and everything in between.

Your journey will begin with a free discovery call to find out what it is you are looking for in the sessions. Each session will consist of a combination of coaching and practices for example building intimacy, building sexual energy, circulating sexual energy, communication, conscious loving touch, communicating boundaries, expanding orgasm, healing and more. At the end of each session there will be time for you to ask any questions that may arise. The sessions are fully clothed and wear something comfortable which will allow movement.

Matt is dedicated and passionate about Tantra and what it can do for relationships, he loves to see people deeply in love with each other and knows how Tantra can build, deepen and expand love and connection. Tantra gives you the tools to discover yourself with authentic relating and sustain a loving, harmonious and fulfilling relationship. When you bring the sacred into lovemaking and see each other as a God and as a Goddess you bring so much more meaning, feeling and extraordinary experience to your lovemaking.

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